Olha Pilyuhina


Creation of a tapestry



Creation of a tapestry starts with an idea that finds its shape in a sketch – first in a graphic and then in a colour one.




After that, the image must be enlarged to reach the natural size of the future tapestry. The working pattern in all cases is drawn in all colour.




The next step is dyeing and thread selection. Some shades are created in two colours to enhance the decorative effect.




And then a miracle of creation begins – the process of the work weaving manually, when thread by thread, the tapestry comes alive!




When the work is completed, it is cut off; its edges are banded and overseamed; it is pressed;

a passport is sewn on its back, where the author, the work title, size, material and the technique are specified.




Some time later, each unique tapestry will find its place in the interior.




Creation of a mini tapestry